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Print Your Own Money

Strapped for cash? Just print some more money. That’s what banks do. In fact they don’t even bother to print it, they just make it up in cyber space and then lend it to people like you and me but demand … Continue reading

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The Killing of Sadmad Hasbeenman

A tale from the river bank. Once upon a time there was a big family of otters who controlled a large section of the river. They were called the ‘Big Otters’ because they had so much land and controlled the largest … Continue reading

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All Quiet on the Western Front

Luciano del Chiesa von Boscombe Seafront was a-ffronted inasmuch as he had a front which showed him little or no respect.  The A front, (which he feels is paradoxically also his Seafront, which he sometimes refers to as his C … Continue reading

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