Harvey Taylor

People Positive AssociatesThis is my perspective on the world. Some of these posts are a consequence of my role as a hypnotherapist, trainer, parent, husband, personal activist, speaker and performer. Others simply reflect my interest in the universe at large and the random madness of human beings. Some posts will have exercises. Some may be useful. Others are spurious.

If amongst all the stories, metaphors, allegorical tales, performance poetry, images and recipes, you find something that captures your imagination or really winds you up, please do post a comment. I am delighted to follow my followers on this blog, on twitter, facebook, linkedin and elsewhere so feel free to leave your details too.

Finally, if you would like me to come and perform any of the content do get in touch. You can find out more about public events and other services I offer via www.apt4l.co.uk For Harvey Taylor Hypnotherapy in Bournemouth go to www.harveyhypnosis.com

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