2014-08-18 22.43.34The  puppet show date has changed! Because of predicted bad weather the show will now be on Saturday 6th Sept at 6pm 

If you want to get involved, there is still time. Lots of pictures below! Here are the details:

  • The remaining workshop days are 28th Aug 10 am until 12 pm and 29th Aug 1pm until 4.30 pm. We will also rehearse during the day on Sat 6th Sept from 1 pm onwards.
  • Carers, if you are able to stay during workshop/rehearsal times this will be very helpful. We will also need as many carers as possible to ‘supervise’ performers on the day of the show.
  • REMEMBER: If you cannot make these dates but want to get involved, call us on 01202 462592 or e mail harvey@apt4l.co.uk and we can probably fit you in.
  • After the show there will be a buffet. Food and Drink contributions welcome! Adults bring your own alcohol if required.
  • Later in the evening Harvey will be performing with puppets. No bad language or ‘adult themes’ but some of the material may be a bit baffling for some children (and probably most adults too).
  • 2014-08-18 22.41.53If you would like to do a turn – sing a song, do a dance, read a story etc – you will be very welcome.
  • You can stay just for the kids’ show or for as long as you like. We will probably wrap  it up by midnight.
  • Do feel free to bring birth children and get them involved and friends too. No restrictions.
  • Bear in mind if there are lots of children here you may need to stick around to supervise at least some of the time. But we know you may also want to go and enjoy the luxury of a coffee in a child-free environment for an hour or two so will try to accommodate this!
  • REMEMBER: Performance starts sharp at 6pm on Saturday 6th Sept now.


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