What is it all about? Is it about power, money, sex, lumpfish caviar, financial ‘products’ and bullshit? What is ‘it’? If we don’t know what ‘it’ is how can we tell what ‘it’ is about? What if ‘it’ isn’t about anything?  I think ‘it’ is about this…

Another picture on the wall.This is me, Harvey,  and my wife Jane. This painting is based on drawings my kids did of us when they were little. I just copied them and filled in some colour.

Kids see people as they really are, not like adults who see through the filter of their fears and fixations. The key to everything resides within the imaginations of our children.

When I grow small and cease to care
I’ll shine my teeth and brush my hair
And wear a kind of ragged grin
For keeping cabbage fragments in
I’ll fill my pockets full of sweets
And bother strangers on the streets
With tales of engines powered by steam
Of long shot black men with a dream
And then I’ll take to wearing ties
And challenge adults with their lies
Then lie me down and go to sleep
To sleep, so deep, so deep, so deep.

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