Uncle Oojah

About 8 years ago I found this in the Oxfam bookshop in Romsey, Hampshire. I fell in love with Uncle Oojah and since then have bought every book, newspaper and all the Oojah memorabilia I could find. You can learn more about Uncle Oojah at my website http://www.uncleoojah.com

Uncle Oojah first appeared in The Daily Sketch newspaper on 18th February 1919. For a few years there was even an Oojah supplement of 2 to 4 pages every Saturday in the paper. There was also a club called the Donjeroos and birthday presents, badges and art competitions.

The best Uncle Oojah stories appeared between 1919 and 1928. From the 1930s the stories were somewhat tamer and eventually Uncle Oojah was relegated to a few comic strips in Jackie Annuals where he last featured in the 1950s.

Uncle Oojah, known originally as Flip Flap the Great Oojah, is a lovable, bombastic elephant who rules Oojahland as a benign despot with his nephew, Jerrywangle and his cat Snooker. Pa Piggins is the Prime Minister, Lord Lion is head of the armed forces and the villainous Crying Crocodile and Fuzzy Foxes make frequent appearances.

To find out more about this fascinating historical cartoon character, visit my website at www.uncleoojah.com

You can also download a free pdf of The Oojah Collection, every Oojah item I have managed to collect over the last 8 years.

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